About Our Business

The store has undergone many internal modifications to adapt to the needs of customers. Walls and counters have been installed and removed over time and the store now has three main rooms. The front one-third is a retail showroom, the middle third is the administrative area and the rear third is the technical support area.

In-Store Service:

Customers who wish to take advantage of our repair services will normally bring their system to the store. We have parking at the front door. Check-in at the front counter is very quick and the experience might remind you of a trip to the doctor’s office or the local service garage. Repairs are completed the same or next business day and are performed on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no need to call ahead or to make an appointment.
Payment is made normally at the time of pickup.

On-Site Service:

On-site customers normally call ahead to discuss their technical issues so we can better prepare for the on-site service call. Appointments are make after coordination with the staff and checking the existing schedule. Customers will normally provide their credit card information in advance of the service call unless other arrangements have been made.